July 27, 2015

Success (sort of)

I looked in one of my defunct machines mothballed in my office and found an old ATI graphics card with the same bus as this Linux server I am using. Did a transplant and after two or ten reboots, got gnome to finally come up. It keeps crashing and restarting, but finally seems to be stable. I am posting this via Firefox on the very server via Gnome.

July 26, 2015

Display Problems

I have gotten Gnome to load, but it uses a funky lower-res display which is slow and halting. I think I am going to find a different display card for the server instead of the default Nvidia GeForce that come embedded in the motherboard. I have had better luck with various ATI devices so I might try one of them.

July 23, 2015

Pluggin' on

It seems like the "Failed to determine partition table type" error seems to have stopped for the moment. The next big challenge is to get Gnome to work properly. I installed it last night, but it refuses to display. I was too tired to troubleshoot last night, so maybe later today. We shall see. I do not think it will be a big problem. (hah!)

July 22, 2015

Here we go again

Installing the Gnome GUI on the server. Takes about a half hour to download and install. Meanwhile I am starting shells and moving around some pix and generating thumbnails.
I keep getting a "systemd-gpt-auto-generator[$pid]: Failed to determine partition table type of /dev/sda: Input/output error" error over and over. I think it is some kind of Linux Ubuntu Debian bug which I shall have to research.