August 18, 2015

Another Upgrade

I decided to put Windows 10 on my most-used laptop, a 64-bit Acer. I was surprised that the upgrade found the correct display driver right away. It did the upgrade in about an hour. The only thing that doesn't seem to work is the task-bar auto-hide function. I have the power setting to blank the display after 2 hours. I noticed the display was on when I woke up, so that may not be working properly as well.

August 11, 2015

Surprise, surprise

I decided to load Windows 10 onto an old Dell P4 running Windows 7. This machine worked OK except for IE. IE wouldn't start except in "safe" mode and then it did not want to run very fast. It also would not "talk" on the internet, so it was useless.
It took a few tries to get 10 to load, but finally it installed in upgrade mode. The display driver was generic, but I installed the correct one right away. I did not see the desktop icon for IE, but it was in the file list. I was amazed when I fired it up and it worked perfectly! MS Edge was there and it worked as well.
Good job, Windows Ten. You are a winner.