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June 30, 2005

Mum update

My mum left the hospital yesterday morning. I spoke to her yesterday evening and she sounded quite good and pleased to be out of the hospital. She was getting restless there so you can tell she was feeling better. She is allowing Maria to take care of her for a few days as she eases back into her routine. I wish I had a Maria to take care of me for a few days!

June 29, 2005

Hate it when I do that.

I lost my cell phone again. God, I hate that panic feeling when you start to realize you are running out of "usual" places where you keep the stupid thing. I did the old retrace my steps routine coming up with nothing. I tried calling it to see if I could hear it ring.
Fortunately it must have slipped out of my pocket when I visited Katie earlier in the afternoon. She left a voice message on my land-line saying she had it. Phew!

June 28, 2005

4:00 AM wake up call

An isolated storm cell passed directly over Broad Ripple at 4:05 this morning complete with strong gusts of wind, lightning and thunder, and even a few hunks of hail. The rain gauge showed we had about 7/10's of an inch. Kittay was outside at the time and braved the storm with her outside-cat friends.

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June 27, 2005

Water crisis!

We are under a voluntary ban on lawn watering and car washing. It is expected to last until Friday when they are predicting rain. It has been in the nineties all weekend and is expected to stay there for another two days.
I took Poot out for a ride yesterday and noticed that the a/c was a little weak. I haven't had it looked at in about ten years so it probably needs service.

June 24, 2005

Hot weekend coming.

Not what your are thinking . . . the thermometer is supposed stay around 92° (32°C) this weekend, going as high as 96° (35°C)! My plans are to stay inside all weekend and hope that the air conditioner is up to the task. Maybe we will get a pop-up t-storm to cool things off a bit.
I hope my basil plant likes it because it still looks anemic.

June 23, 2005

In the doghouse with the cat

Kittay is avoiding me today because I dosed the back of her neck with flea/tick/mosquito repellant last night. She was so angry because she can't "get at it" to lick it off, so she just ran around in circles letting out the random hisses. Today she is nowhere to be found. I will put some food outside in case she calms down enough to eat. Poor Kittay. She spends 50% of her time outside and it is getting warm. I do not want fleas on her or in the house.

June 22, 2005

Poor Mum!

My mother is in the hospital with pneumonia. I talked to her today and she sounds tired, but ok. She thinks she caught it from her dog??? (yeah, right!)
My sister works at the same hospital so she is keeping a close eye on the situation. Mum is just taking it all in stride, which she has a lot of practice at doing at 89. I am the one who is freaking out!

June 20, 2005

Summer arrives

The first day of Summer, the longest day of the year, is tomorrow. This always has a sad feeling about it - yes, Summer is a great season, but I am not ready for the days to get shorter again. I don't really notice the shortening days until September. I don't mind it being a little darker and quieter in the AM though. Now, birds are stirring at 4:46 AM and me along with them! And, yes, tomorrow is the full moon as well! Woo!

June 16, 2005

Farmer Nez

The first of the harvest has begun. I am planning to make spaghetti sauce tonight and I have the first homegrown ingredient! There are a few more where that came from, but the rest of the crops have some time to go. Next will be the cherry tomatoes. I will have a ripe few in a week or two.

The tomato plant

Rosemary and thyme

The pepper plant

The zucchini

The cucumber.

June 14, 2005

Kittay is angry!

She is a fairly mellow cat, but she was not happy when I kicked her out this morning. Poor Kittay. She probably knew there was a 30% chance of showers, but I will be gone all day and can't leave her trapped inside. She is better off fending for herself outside, even if she does get a little wet in the process.

Edit: She is is still pissed. No Kittay around when I got home this afternoon. I am being punished.

Edit: Kittay has forgiven me. She is busy with her morning footbath.

June 12, 2005

O Happy Day!

We are finally getting the rain promised by the remains of Arlene. I have a rain gauge which I haven't examined yet, but it will tell the story. It is a very gentle rain, but steady and constant. Just what the lawn likes.

We ended up with 2.8 inches of rain by the morning. The grass looks greener already.

June 10, 2005


I hear there is a tropical storm out there which may head this way. I say great! By the time it makes landfall and gets to Indiana, it should be just a lot of badly needed rain. My crops are in pots so they are taken care of, but the lawns and the general lack of water condition is a cause for concern.

June 09, 2005

Rain dance

The lawns are seriously brown. I passed by the White river on the way home last night and noticed it was way down in its banks. I heard the water company urged citizens to "use water wisely" and to expect lowered water pressure. Maybe I will skip the carwash this morning.

June 08, 2005

Back to work day

The phone's gone twice. I had two voicemails. Peeps can't wait to end my little weekend break from the routine. The WX continues to be very August-like these days with temps hovering around 90° (32°C) during the day. My plants continue to love it as long as I remember to water them. The lawns aren't doing quite as well. I see great areas of brown where it is not shaded by a tree. We need some serious rain here in Central Indiana.

June 07, 2005


It is amazing what a little heat and sunshine will do for a garden. There were some great changes over the weekend not the least of them, the anemic basil seems to have found new life.

The tomato plant


The pepper plant

The zucchini

Another late entry, cucumber.

June 05, 2005

Pool party

It was a very hot day in New Jersey, time for a dip in the pool. Most of the younger generation got into the act, including some of the four-legged variety.

Up at this ungodly hour

Probably because I am in New Jersey staying at my sister's house, in a strange bed, and it is a bit on the sticky side (good for the plants) at the moment. She has three dogs and a bird. The dogs are not here because of last night's party - too much for them and us. Even the bird was freaking out a bit.
Oh well. Time to scrounge up some coffee.

June 04, 2005


Peeps seem to have had a great time at my sister's party to "celebrate life" here in New Jersey. There was plenty to eat and drink on hand. Most people managed to down a bevvy or two. There were a few surprising and interesting sights.
I think I shall quit while I am ahead.

A little trip

I am off to EWR in a few hours just for the weekend. My sister is throwing a big dinner bash for all her friends and family, kind of like Christmas in June since illness prevented her from properly enjoying last Christmas and the Christmas before. She has been in a world of hurt, but has come throught it in an amazing fashion. This is an expression of her gratitude.
I hope to spend a few hours on Monday with my old (yes, I do mean old) college friend, Andy. I am going to show him how to do some advanced tricks with his computer and get him to use it more often.
Keep an eye on this spot, pix are forthcoming. Take care of Kittay while I am away, and don't touch my stuff!

June 02, 2005

Look at this

I found this blossom on the once-dead zucchini (courgette) plant while making my casual inspection. Amazing! There is a baby pepper in the works as well. It's all making me hungry!

Edit: I re-shot the images with the macro this time.

June 01, 2005

Getting ready for a big weekend

Tracked down my haircut guy and got all neatened up for the weekend in New York. I grew up around there so it is no big deal to me. What is a big deal is my sister's "Celebrate Life" party on June 4. It is a "must not miss" event. Let's hope the weekend WX will cooperate and I won't be stuck on the ground at EWR for 8 hours . . . again. Summertime travel has its risks.