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September 30, 2005

Slowing down

I am staying home in the Heartland this weekend for a change an so I get to bond with my cat. The WX promises to be fabulous so I will get out back on the deck and get rid of the remains of this Summer's garden. I hope to spend some time with Katie and get her going on the scan project.
I took Pootie on my rounds today after a long while of neglect. I noticed that the battery was a bit low when I started up, so I hope it is OK now. I tried not to use any electrical accessories in hopes that all the available current would go toward charging up the battery.

It is a cold one

Some parts of northern Indiana got some frost last night. It is supposed to get colder here tonight by a few degrees. My Kittay is wanting to stay inside all day now so it's official - Autumn is here.
I do like the Fall, but for one thing. It preceeds Winter.

September 28, 2005

Color test

ColorQuiz.com nez took the free ColorQuiz.com personality test!

"Seeks luxury, sensuous comfort, and the indulgence..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

Back home again . . . for a while

I have been commuting back and forth from Indiana to New Jersey every weekend to help my sister clear up and pack up my mum's stuff. And, yes, she was a total pack rat. In addition to the old clock (which is still working, by the way) I found two old friends which I had totally forgotten about. This familiar companion has a name, but I cannot remember it. Probably Teddy, or something original like that. Rummaging through some of the old pictures, I found some proof of his past life. Take a look at this.

The other find was a gift given to me on my first trip to England from America back in 1956 aboard a ship.
I also brought back a zillion old photos - a scan project which (I hope) Katie will help me organize and catalog.

September 27, 2005

Well, a primate can't be all that bad!

You Are A: Monkey!

monkeyMonkeys are intelligent and agile, well-adapted for jungle life as they swing happily from tree to tree. As a monkey, you are a social animal who eats a wide range of food, is quick to learn new things and loves to climb. A monkey's tiny primate features are irresistable, as is his gregarious personality!

You were almost a: Bear Cub or a Kitten
You are least like a: Bunny or a DucklingDiscover What Cute Animal You Are!

September 19, 2005

Post Cards for all . . .

I am off to London in about a month and decided I would love to send you each a post card if you would like.

So, if you want a postcard, please email me your snail mail address to nezbitthecat[AT]london[DOT]com by Fiday, October 14. Oh, and since I'm trying update my contact list, send me your phone number, too.

Don't worry, no spam or calls in the middle of the night or anything. I won't sell the list to any third parties.

September 15, 2005

Old clocks never die

Recently I returned with an old clock I found in my mother's house. I remember it from when I was a kid; seeing it just sitting there in the kitchen. To my surprise, it survived the trip intact in a checked suitcase, lovingly inspected by our ever competant TSA. It turns out the TSA re-packed it better than I did originally so I guess I owe them.

The thing hasn't worked in twenty-five years so I took it all apart and went at it with wood glue and putty as well as good ole WD-40. The pendulum had broken off so I re-attached it at the hanging point. As soon as I sprayed on the WD-40, it started whirring and clicking madly! I guessed that there was some life in there yet.

I got it all put back together and so far it has run all night. It is a few minutes fast, but I think I can tune it up to be reasonably accurate.

Thanks Mom!


September 13, 2005

Dog needs good home!

A soon-to-be homeless, eight-year-old tan male Cocker called Brandy is looking for a kind owner. Brandy has a kind disposition and is good with children. He doesn't shed, but Brandy is extremely obese and would like to be placed on a gentle slimming program. Other than that, he is in good health and has had all his shots.

Brandy has been adopted and has a good home!


Summer is almost over

Seems like all the kiddies have gone back to school. Even in New Jersey where they don't start until after Labor Day. I notice that random leaves are changing color now. I think this process is being hastened by the lack of moisture in the area. But there is one problem. It is still hot as Hell! I just got in and it is 88° out! Visibility is down to about three miles in a thick haze. I would barely be legal if I decided to fly today.

September 12, 2005

Dropping like flies

RIP Edward M. Thompson, Jr.

back in the saddle

I returned to Indiana yesterday. Today it is back to the grind. I have two clients with computer problems which developed last week so they are at the top of the list. Kittay was glad to see me, but is now outside with her friends. Katie and I had dinner last night at Olive Garden - we hadn't been there in quite a while. I need coffee.

September 10, 2005

RIP Debbie Meers

RIP Debbie Meers


September 05, 2005

RIP Emily S. ("Bunty")

RIP Emily S. ("Bunty") Howell • Nov. 29, 1916 - Sept. 5, 2005