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April 27, 2006

All in the family?

Kittay's lineage is a mystery to me. She showed up last year and kept coming around so I adopted her. I already blogged about the "Simba" episode so I know she's been in the 'hood for a while.
Today's surprise came in the form of this. I opened the door and that's what I saw. I wonder if it is a cousin? They seem to get along OK so they could be family, or just another black and white cat - as if there is a shortage of them!

And, another . . .

When I got home, what did i find? Yes, another postcard! This time from my cousin's family on their Easter Holiday in Exmoor! Thank you Lydia!

Molto bene!

My most favoritest blogging buddy, Joz, sended me a postcard all the way from Italia! Cheers! (grazie)

April 26, 2006

Back at last!

There has been an interruption in ADSL service here today. I got up this morning only to find this out. Then it came back for about fifteen minutes around 10:00 AM only to go out again for about ten hours. So it goes. We shall see how long it lasts now.

April 25, 2006

Today's task

I get to bring Patty Passat into the body shop for an estimate this morning. She is covered in dimples from that hailstorm we had two weeks ago. All the top surfaces have multiple depressions, no broken glass, but the plastic apron under the windshield has a hole in it and has to be replaced.
Any guesses as to the amount?

The bottom line

April 22, 2006

Pootie gets a bath

Finally after about a year I couldn't resist the charms of the North Central High School Girls Lacrosse team.


April 19, 2006

Spring carries on

The once beautiful harbinger of Spring, Forsythia, has gone by the wayside helped by that hail storm we had last Friday.
Although fascinated by the sights and smells of the changing season, my resident poser affects the posture of disinterest.
Spring in Indiana doesn't get much finer than this.

April 17, 2006

What the hail?

Golf balls rained down from the sky for about ten minutes and bounced off the roof, walls, cars, everything! Many windows were broken all over town. The North side (where I live) was hit hard. My cars have dimples in the paint work, but none of the windows were broken. I will try to get a picture and post it in the extended entry.


April 15, 2006

How to aggrivate a kitty

Easy, take her for a ride in the car. I really want Kittay to "get used" to riding in the car, so I am taking her out for short trips - ones that take less than ten minutes. Not having much success. She seems to finally calm down when we are about two blocks away from returning home.

April 13, 2006

Katie is bummed!

Her external HD crashed with Western Digital disease - a clunking sound that means death. I have a replacement for her, but all that stored iPod music is history.

April 12, 2006

I will finish the taxes, I will, I will.

Got started on them last Saturday, but have slacked off since. They have to be mailed by Saturday so I must finish up soon. Unfortunately, there is a full moon - probably not a good time to send my taxes in, but do I have a choice?

April 10, 2006

Fearless predator

I going to have to change Kittay's name. When I opened the back door and looked down at the deck, guess what I saw. Yep. One disembowled bunny presented in all its glory for my perusal.

April 07, 2006

Meme (from quiggles)

Go to Wikipedia. In the Search box, type your birth month and day (but not year). List three events that happened on your birthday. List two important birthdays and one interesting death. Post this in your journal.


1600 - British East India Company is chartered.
1904 - The first New Year's Eve celebration is held in Times Square, then known as Longacre Square, in New York, New York.
1999 - The Panama Canal comes completely under Panama's jurisdiction.


1869 - Henri Matisse, French painter and graphic artist (d. 1954)
1930 - Odetta, American singer


1980 - Marshall McLuhan, Canadian writer (b. 1911)


Thunder kept waking me up during the night. It wasn't a bad storm, but small ones kept rolling by every two hours - just enough to wake me up. So yes, today is going to be a write-off. Kittay gave up and spent the night hidden in the back of the closet. Poor Kittay!

April 05, 2006

I am naked today

Well, partially naked anyway. There is a link at the top of the page explaining the deal.

April 03, 2006


Nothing says "Spring" like the flush of Forsythia!


Changing the clocks

I haven't had to change my clocks for daylight time in twenty-nine years, except for the few times I was in England over Spring break - they still do it, and they do it a week before everybody else!