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June 28, 2006

Midsummer garden update 2006

The garden has scored some high grades this year so far, but it is not perfect. The Japanese beetles have begun their annual invasion and are making a meal out of my basil plants. The tomato plant is a behemoth, but has produced only three actual tomatoes.

More insect damage - glad I have two basil plants ... basil

the cilantro just took off ...

and we have an official pepper!

June 25, 2006

Thinking of Joz

As some of you know, Joz's dad had a stroke and is in the hospital. Please keep them in your thoughts as I am doing.


June 22, 2006

Kosmic Kittay

Somebody's got a new collar. I hope it stays around for a while this time. I found it while shopping at Target yesterday morning and decided that it was just perfect!

new collar

June 21, 2006

Summer Solstice

It is the longest day of the year today (right now, in fact). It is all downhill from here. Lookout . . . Winter's coming!
Except if you live in Singapore ... where local weather experiences little impact.

June 20, 2006

I see tomato!

My plants have been growing and growing lately. I've spotted some results which should be big, juicy, ripe and red in a few weeks time.


June 13, 2006

Patty's grille

I believe the last of the hail damage has been taken care of this morning. This little crack in the grille was missed by the appraisors and myself, only to be discovered last week. The insurance company couldn't be that upset, the replacement grille cost $55 - not bad in the end.

June 11, 2006

Full moon and garden update . . .

There has been plenty of strong sunshine as it approaches the Summer Solstice on June 21. We have also had a number of days of rain, both the long, drawn-out steady kind, and the quick teeming t-shower kind. That, and religious watering has encouraged this year's crop to take root in their pots and to thrive.

The cilantro has rooted and is getting thicker ...

The tomato is taller than its cage ...

the pepper, scraggly at first, is finally starting to leaf out ...

oregano has taken off ...

basil number one (number two is a twin) ...

catnip is overflowing, must give Kittay more ...

the pink geranium is getting more leafy, but flowers buds are present.

June 10, 2006


Kittay had an appointment this morning for a checkup and shots. He is, in fact a he according to the Vet. He got a series of three shots, Rabies, DRTV, and FLV. He has an official rabies tag No. 32306 so he is official now. I still keep typing she even though he is a he. It will take some getting used to (for me, anyway)


I'm a DUDE!

June 06, 2006

Happy Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia Day

What-ever. Read all about it!

June 04, 2006


I am so embarrassed I don't know how to phrase this. I feel like such an idiot of Guiness Book of Records proportions.
I got up this morning like usual and stumbled out of bed on the way to the loo. I looked down to watch where I was walking and saw Kittay laying on her back giving herself a bath.

I did a double take.

Kittay is a GUY!

I better brush up on my cat anatomy.

Help out my cousin Lydia

Lydia has taken up raising donations for her homeless charity, Crisis. If you want to help out, here is the link.

June 03, 2006

A new addition

When I was at the Farmer's Market last Wednesday I came upon some cilantro and decided to add it to my crops for this year.


June 02, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Today belongs to my favorite niece, Kelly Amanda! She was born about the same week that I graduated High School. That was a loooong time ago. I can't believe how time flies!

June 01, 2006

Blog Birthday

This blog (movable type version) is two-years-old tomorrow. Do blogs have birthdays? I guess that makes my blog a gemini then. I know someone else who has a birthday coming up tomorrow! She will get her own post, though. Stay tuned!