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July 31, 2007

Gas deal

I just found out that Kroger offers gasoline at their filling stations at a .10¢ a gallon discount if you spend $100 at their store buying food during the month. I found out today you only get one discount transaction per $100 per calendar month.
Since this is per transaction, if you want to fill up multiple cars, you have to have someone else go to the station with you at the same time so you can max out the single transaction because unless you spend a second $100 in that month, you do not get the discount for the second fill up. I understand they cap this at 25 gallons per transaction anyway, so if you have a honkin' SUV or truck, you're screwed.

July 30, 2007

Full Moon!

You know what that means! The crazies are out there ready to get you!

RIP Ingmar Bergman •

RIP Ingmar Bergman • Jul 14, 1918 - Jul 30, 2007

Oil Change

Getting ready to motor out east for most of August so I decided to have the motor serviced. Low and behold, look at the treasure I found at my local garage. It's a 1941 Cadillac, one of only 400 in existence, right here at Schweitzer's Standard.


July 28, 2007

Friendless in Broad Ripple

It is near the first of the month and we know what that means. Moving! Poor Kittay has lost a best friend. I notice that Oscar's family has left the building. You can tell, they were such good friends.

A little faster

My ISP is supposed to boost my speed sometime today. Not a whole lot more, but as they say, every little bit helps. Let me know if it seems any faster to you.

July 23, 2007


What a crock!

"You are required by U.S. law to respond to this survey."

On page 5. IN THE PAST 12 MONTHS, what was the cost of water and sewer for this house, apartment, or mobile home? Page 11. What time did this person usually leave home to go to work LAST WEEK?

Just a little too nosy for me.

July 22, 2007

strawberry pie

Originally uploaded by nezbitthecat
This is the time of year there are all kinds of delights here in the heartland, strawberry pie included!

July 19, 2007

Day of rain

My kitty is so upset because we have had thunder around since 4:00 AM. One flash was right in the garden - very loud! At least I don't have to water my crops today. It is supposed to keep raining until midnight.

July 15, 2007

Happy 13, Lauren!


July 11, 2007


It is red enough for me! The first ripe tomato of the season.

Ready for a tomato sandwich for lunch!



July 09, 2007

Almost ripe!

I have to water everything twice a day now that it is so hot. I noticed this morning that one of the tomatoes is turning red! I am excited! The first tomato of the year, with many more to follow.

July 03, 2007

Mild year for pests . . . so far

These little buggers are always with us in the summertime. There seems to be fewer of them so far this season, or they are on a diet. Normally my basil plant is decimated by their hollowing out the leaves, but this year they aren't as hungry.


And just so I don't run out of basil, there is a volunteer among the oregano, which is also volunteer. I didn't expect any to re-seed itself, but ah, the wonders of nature!


July 02, 2007

Simpsons me

As pilfered from Nanette

P7020993es.JPG rwh_simpson_02.jpg

Go ahead and make your own!