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January 30, 2008

A slight hiccup

Wow! A line of fierce storms blew through last night bringing thunder and heavy rain, and a small tornado! It went from 54°F to 12°F in about an hour! Then it snowed! The electricity quit for about two hours so the Nez server was out for about ninety minutes. I have a lame UPS, but good enough for most short outages.
It is 8°F out now and very windy. My kitty is not going to be happy when it comes time to do his business.

January 26, 2008

One of these Saturdays

I am going to get my office cleaned up. I have old computer parts in there from the 1980's, as well as stacks of CDs, random papers, and a lot of useless junk. Maybe later.

January 25, 2008

Nothing new

Work continues to hum along. I was given a new server to install and configure which I did last week. Then I installed the Oracle application server on them (yes, that went on two separate servers). I put the final touches on it yesterday and nobody even missed it. Ha!
Last night it went down to 1°F (-17°C). I think we are going to enter a warming phase today with temps in the thirties and fourties for next week, that's 0-6°C for the European readers. Please - no more snow. I am done with snow. It is so cold, that lousy inch has stayed around all week.

January 16, 2008

Landing in South Bend

January 13, 2008

Do you really know why I fly?

I am famous for complaining about airlines and the lack of service they offer as well as their pack-em-on at the last minute policy, but there is one bright spot I want to point out. On my return flight from Heathrow, American had retrofitted the entertainment system with a random access one instead of the old analog where all the movies and programs play in parallel. The new system allowed me to properly watch two whole movies (Rattatouille and The Simpsons Movie) as well as a few TV programs before I went numb and dozed off. Thank you, American.

January 10, 2008

RIP Sir Edmund Percival

RIP Sir Edmund Percival Hillary • Jul. 20, 1919 - Jan. 11, 2007

January 09, 2008

The game

This game will drive you bonkers. It is a board game like parcheesi or Trouble. The fun part is getting knocked out by the other players, or doing the knocking out. Warning, tears may be shed during game play.

January 07, 2008

How much do you tip a fly?


January 05, 2008

Instant tea

I got sick of waiting five whole minutes for my gas stove to boil a kettle in the morning. So I got the idea of hooking up one of those English electric kettles they all use. They take about 90 seconds to heat the water to boiling. The secret is in the voltage. English house current is 230 volts where American is 115, however, high voltage is available to Americans - for air conditioning, clothes dryers and electric stoves. All it took was changing the plug to fit the American 220v outlet and replacing the circuit breaker with a lower amperage.
Voila! "instant" tea!

January 02, 2008

Transport Museum

One of my must see places after reading Annie Mole's blog is the newly reopened London Transport Museum. It is really a shocker when you can remember seeing some of this equipment in actual use!



January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

From the GMT time zone!